bullet resistant doors

SEGHAL-ARMOR SHORT GUN bullet resistant doors are designed to protect personnel and property from small arms fire.

Our complete range of bullet resistant doors are readily available and can be furnished with factory installed bullet resistant glazing. Stock bullet resistant steel doors and frames are ready for immediate shipment.

Bullet Door Construction

Formed, heavy gauge, steel face sheets constructed around a pre-engineered, steel rib core with interior armor plate as required to protect against specified threat. All assemblies are available manual or power operated.


Solid round steel bearing hinges.


Glazing available custom made to fit your needs.

Bullet Resistant Doors


SEGHAL offers standard frame designs and can engineer special frame profiles to complement wall construction and architectural style.


Included locksets have been tested and certified to withstand the same level of threat.


Standard and custom sizes available. No limits.

bullet resistant steel doors

High Power Small Arms Resistant

This door and all of it's components including frame, lockset, hinges and glazing have been tested according to UL-752 levels I, II, III and IV.

Vandalism resistant doors

Vandalism Resistant

When installed following the instruction manual and with approved hardware, this door is resistant to vandalism and forced entry.


9 mm FMJ with Lead Core

Weight (grains) : 124 Weight (grams) : 8 Minimum fps : 1175 Maximum fps : 1293 Number of shots : 3

level 2 bullet resistant door

.357 Magnum Jacketed Lead Soft Point

Weight (grains) : 158 Weight (grams) : 10.2 Minimum fps : 1250 Maximum fps : 1375 Number of shots : 3

Bullet resistant doors short guns

.44 magnum lead semi-wadcutter gas checked

Weight (grains) : 240 Weight (grams) : 15.6 Minimum fps : 1350 Maximum fps : 1485 Number of shots : 3

Bullet resistant doors level 6

9mm full metal copper jacket with lead core

Weight (grains) : 124 Weight (grams) : 8.0 Minimum fps : 1400 Maximum fps : 1540 Number of shots : 5

Southwest Research Institute


Tested, listed, labeled and inspected by Southwest Research Institute. Test report ID number 25000.02.127. Pictures shown for illustration purposes. All above tests performed in accordance to UL-752 using specialized equipment.



Does not contain combustible materials like fiberglass, honeycomb, polyurethane and polystyrene.


Available accessories include:

Voice Ports
Gun Ports
Pass Through Trays
Transfer Boxes and Cylinders


We can match almost any finish or create a custom look. Your options are endless.

Bullet resistant doors may be primed and completely covered with oil based paint, epoxy paint or powder coated. Wood and stainless steel finishes are also available.


Two tested locksets and a heavy-duty door closer come standard with this door, however operating hardware is available in all standard builders' finishes. Mortise or cylindrical locksets, exit devices, and security hardware are the basic options.

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